We’re celebrating women with style and substance. Women who don’t just look lovely, they do lovely.

Introducing the Vitality Roses...

Record breakers
Gold medallists
Netball champions

From winning gold at the Commonwealth Games to inspiring women to push the boundaries in sport, the Vitality Roses don’t just look lovely, they do lovely.

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Qualified solicitor
Goal Keeper
Netball champion

Solicitor, sports coach and International Netball player, Eboni doesn’t just look lovely, she does lovely.

Eboni Usoro-Brown I am my best self when I get to live out my passion and do what I love
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Public speaker
Goal Defence
Netball champion

Captain of the Vitality Roses, charity campaigner and BEDSA Sportswoman of the Year, Ama doesn’t just look lovely, she does lovely.

Eboni Usoro-Brown Netball makes me feel exhilaration. You forget the outside world .
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Youth mentor
Wing Defence
Netball champion

From becoming the most capped England Netball player of all time to mentoring young girls, Jade doesn’t just look lovely, she does lovely.

Jade Clarke Funetherness is a sense of what our sport is about: to be united.
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Vitality Roses
“It’s that sense of unity and togetherness that makes being part of this team so special.”


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