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Up next in our work wonders edit is the lovely Jessica Vince, co-founder of DRESSR and all-round lovely lady. We sat down with her to find out about what it’s like to start your own business.

Oasis – Tell us a little bit more about your job?

Jessica – I’m the co-founder of DRESSR, a shopping website that answers Instagram’s most asked question: where did she get that? In the age of selfies and #ootd, Instagram has become a source of inspiration from women around the world and I wanted to tap into that.  Since quitting my job as Digital Editor at Grazia, DRESSR has become my sole focus – it’s my baby. I was always wondering where Alexa got her coat, or where I could get Olivia Palermo’s sunglasses, and that was always my frustration with Instagram. No buy button – so I decided to make it myself.

Oasis – Wow, we’re already hooked. What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

Jessica – It’s pretty great to be your own boss but it can also be incredible nerve-shredding because it’s down to me to create goals and stick to them. DRESSR is so close to my heart that it makes it difficult to switch off, but that also makes every success 100 times more rewarding.

Oasis – What does an average day look like for you?

Jessica – Mornings are a prime time in digital so from the minute I wake up, I’m updating and checking our social media accounts. I have a rummage through Instagram on the train so by the time I get into our London office at 10am, I’m ready to start creating content. I publish at least three new stories a day and Alice, our social media manager schedules them across our accounts. The afternoon is spent strategizing – I structure upcoming content, meet with freelancers and PRs, discuss design ideas with our web developer and contact journalists and bloggers about collaborations.

Oasis  – What do you usually wear to work? 

Jessica – Because I work for myself it’s easy to imagine I wear a onesie all day and work from the sofa (which does occasionally happen). But now I have my own office, I’m motivated to dress like a boss which in turn helps with switching on my business brain. I usually wear shift dresses and blazers in neutral colours or blouses with pencil skirts and rose gold jewellery. I always wears heels, but not necessarily stilettos – I love a pair of ankle boots to give height.

Oasis – And how do you dress your work look up for the evening?

Jessica – You can’t go wrong with some faux fur. I’ll throw on a brightly coloured stole if I want to glam up my office look or tie up my hair and add a pair of statement earrings.

Oasis – What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to start up their own business?

Jessica – If your gut is telling you to try something, then follow your intuition and go for it. It is scary and success won’t happen overnight but if you’re willing to take the challenge and are truly passionate about you’re doing, it will work out. I recommend speaking to friends and colleagues you trust to sound out the idea. Then set up a prototype and select a few people can try it. I created a dummy website as well as social media accounts to see if the content would be of interest and when it got picked up by celebrities, designers and PRs, I knew there was a need for it. It also helps to have a co-founder – paperwork, legal technicalities and set-up can get overwhelming so I was very lucky that my fiancé, was keen to work alongside me. He’s run his own business for several years so understands how that side of a start-up works. We secured investment and three months later, DRESSR was live. You just have to be willing to take the risk.

Oasis – Wow, exciting! What’s next for DRESSR?

Jessica – The internet moves so fast so you can never rest on your laurels. Something that’s working today might not work in three months time – it’s important to embrace the change and move with it. Our plans for 2016 are to improve the shopping experience, bring voices of Instagram’s influencers onto the site and move into beauty, menswear, health…the possibilities are endless! But ultimately, I have no idea what DRESSR may evolve into and that’s what keeps me on my toes.

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