(our kind of get together)

Whether it’s sketching the new season collection, totting up our daily sales or planning an upcoming campaign, there’s something for everyone at Oasis. And we have a funny feeling you’re going to love it here.

Why, you ask? Well, pop the kettle on, take a seat and we’ll reveal all you need to know.

Way back when in sunny 1991, we opened the doors of our first-ever store. Today we’re still the same Oasis you know and love, but with stores across the globe and a rather gorgeous website. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting talent (we don’t mean the dancing dog kind), so it’s great news if you’re searching for something new… but bad news for your performing poodle.

Working with us is inspiring and exciting. Our team is a hard-working, happy bunch who welcome every day with a winning mindset. We’re partial to a cup of tea and sometimes, the odd slice of cake or two.

Sold at tea and cake? Then browse our Head Office and Store vacancies below…

It's the friendly and fun atmosphere at Oasis that makes working here so enjoyable; everyone pitches in and works as a team.
Hannah, Creative Manager
Here at Oasis your department feels like your family.
Leila, Buying Coordinator
What we do is so inspiring – from collaborations to new store openings, Oasis is unique down to the tiniest detail.
Holly, Copy Manager