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    Ecommerce ( and integration by BT Fresca

    Design and architecture by Story Worldwide

    The design and build of the Oasis Stores website is the result of a successful partnership between Story Worldwide and BT Fresca. Story Worldwide developed the architecture and front-end design whilst BT Fresca configured their e-commerce platform (Fresca Commerce) to meet the demanding design and functional requirements, and integrated the platform with Oasis' buying and merchandising system, Mercatus from BT Expedite, and the systems of fulfilment partner Amethyst

    Story Worldwide have a proven development process for developing effective website structures and a reputation for designing high quality user interfaces based on audience profiling, user journeys and almost a decade of web design experience. The Fresca Commerce Platform is a feature-rich, high-availability on-demand e-commerce platform used by a number of leading retailers that can be tailored to provide a unique customer experience, and is hosted and managed 24*365 by BT Fresca.

    This rigorous process and design integrity from Story Worldwide, coupled with BT Fresca's flexible and high-performance e-commerce platform has proved a winning combination.

    NN4M is responsible for the unique Oasis Fitting Room. Their proprietary leading edge technology enables standard website photographs to be created into realistic outfit combinations. Each fitting room provided by NN4M is custom built to integrate fully into the retailer's website.

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